Sauce of the Month Club

How It Works

Subscribe to get the best sauces shipped to your door each month  |  Only $20/month, and you can cancel any time.  | FREE US shipping

Choose between 2 hot sauces, 2 BBQ sauces, or 1 of each

Member Benefits

  • Free Go Sauce Yourself Sticker at Sign-upSticker 18 x 30- PRINT
  • Free bottle of sauce on your birthday!(Shipped at the beginning of your birthday month with regular monthly sauces)
  • Members save 10% both in-store and in our online shop.
  • A great way to try new sauces each month



When does my first shipment arrive?

Sauces ship the 1st week of each month, so all orders place this month will be received the following month.

What if I move? Can I change addresses?

Absolutely! You can always update your shipping, billing, and subscription details on your account page. You can also call or email us and we can get it changed for you.

Can I choose what sauces are included?

No, join our Sauce of the Month Club if you want to be surprised by a variety of new sauces. If you  prefer to choose which sauces you get, you can shop our online store or come see us at our retail store ocean side at the Carolina Beach Boardwalk.


Ready to join the club?


Yes, I would like 2 hot sauces each month

Yes, I would like 2 BBQ sauces each month

Yes, I would like 1 hot sauce & 1 BBQ sauce each month